Tastod Construction Group participated in “Understanding -- Strategy Transformation and Upgrading” Forum on invitation
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The resources will be exhausted but the culture will live and grow in nature. On May 16, 2017, in order to promote the private enterprises in Dalian to change their ideas and conduct their transformation development, “Understanding -- Strategy Transformation and Upgrading” Forum organized by Dalian Corporate Culture Institute and co-organized by Guangfa Bank Private Bank was held in the meeting room of Guangfa Bank Private Bank. More than 10 well-known entrepreneurs and heads of the corporate culture departments from Zhen-Ao Group, Tastod Construction Group, Dalian Ancient Architecture Garden Engineering Co., Ltd., Dalian Zhongfu Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Jiuzhou Group, Team Garment Co., Ltd., attended the conference.

The conference was chaired by Yang Pingru, vice chairman of Dalian Corporate Culture Institute.

During the discussion, the attendees conducted in-depth exchanges and heated discussions on how private enterprises use the essence of the traditional culture to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit and learn from the advanced western modern culture under the cultural differences between China and the West; how to learn the advanced enterprise management ideas from the South under the background of revitalizing the economy in northeast China; how to change the concepts and achieve the strategic transformation and upgrading to promote the private enterprises for new developments and breakthroughs, as well as other topics.

At the conference, Mr. Wei, the general manager of Tastod Construction Group, firstly illustrated the huge difference between the north and south culture through a little story of “Shoemaker.” He pointed out: “We must learn from the southerners, who can start from small businesses and conduct them with serious attitudes, for which, they are able to endure hardship and dare to blaze new trails. We must also learn from their persistent, sophisticated and conscientious working attitude, which, in fact, is a kind of craftsmanship.” At the same time, he put forward his own views on Tastod Group's integrating “craftsmanship spirit” into its enterprise culture, achieving cross-cultural management in face of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, and building an enterprise of happiness. He also shared Tastod Group's related experience in enterprise culture construction.

At last, Zhong Xiangbin, chairman of Dalian Corporate Culture Institute, made comments on each enterprise and a concluding speech. He pointed out that, over the years, Zhen-Ao Group has always advocated a corporate philosophy of culture of filial piety, i.e. “filial piety, love, family and harmony” and the Declaration of Filial Piety, fully promoting the essence of the traditional culture, and endowing the product brand construction with this kind of culture. What Zhen-Ao uses to run the enterprise are, ultimately, the popular feeling, culture and spirit; for many years, Xu Dening, president of Dalian Ancient Architecture Garden Engineering Co., Ltd., has persisted in refreshing his heart with poetry and influencing others with his knowledge. How precious that he turned his study spirit into a lifestyle and led the healthy development of his enterprise. Liu Wei, Chairman of Tastod Construction Group is a courageous and forward-looking person who has always been in a dynamic and ever-changing state in the development of Tastod. From the transformation and upgrading of “military culture” to “responsibility culture”, and to the internationalized layout of the enterprise strategy, Tastod actively seized the opportunity of building the “Belt and Road Initiative” in its continuous transformation and entered the big stage of the international economy, thus gaining a broader development. At the same time, chairman Zhong praised Jiuzhou Group's successful transformation of the medical and pension industries. The one, who has been abroad, is always more patriotic. Stones form other hills may serve to polish the jade of this one. He said that, as one of the second generation of entrepreneurs as well as overseas returnees, Kong Xiangzhu, manager of Dalian Jiuzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. of Jiuzhou Group, can treat the difference between Chinese and western cultures with broader and more rational views, and can integrate the traditional culture into the modern management. This is the concrete embodiment of self-confidence and patriotism of China's ethnic culture.

In recent years, Tastod Construction Group has been actively exploring its transformation and upgrading. It has successively tapped into fields of eco-green technology, environmental protection industry, PPP projects, etc., and actively participated in the “Belt and Road Initiative” construction with initial success. Its overseas business gradually grows and yields positive results, with ever-increasing businesses from its Malaysian branch. At present, Liu Wei, Chairman of Tastod Group, is actively exploring the R&D of eco-smart building industrialization. On May 10, Tastod Construction Group’s “R&D Center of Eco-Smart Building Industry”, commissioned by Materials Branch of China Construction Industry Association, got approval. This R&D Center will carry out innovation and R&D activities, such as promoting environmentally friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving buildings; green, ecological and energy-saving residence; construction waste and sewage treatment; researches of park and community greening with the purpose of new material application and will lead and promote the new business type of the intelligent construction of architecture in the Northeast China.

The culture goes ahead in the strategic transformation. The enterprises and brands without cultural support cannot last long. In order to adapt to the rapid development of enterprises, Tastod’s enterprise culture has evolved and upgraded from the original “military culture” to “responsibility culture”. In 2017, the company proposed to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture with “craftsmanship” as the core idea. Employees should require themselves with the “craftsmanship” and all the work should be made exquisite, excellent and refined, to produce excellent works, reach the top and create the famous brands. Meanwhile, Chairman Liu Wei regards the construction of a happy enterprise as the ultimate objective of his enterprise and emphasizes the retaining of talents with culture. He proposes to attract talents with the “co-construction and sharing” mechanism, strengthen employees' sense of recognition, belongingness and happiness and create a community with a common cause and future, to promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.

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