Our city will become the frontier position of building material industry production, research and development in the Northeast China
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October 29,China Eco-Smart Building Materials Industry Cooperation Summit was held in the International Finance Conference Center, and Dalian BEST City “Jianlifang” Industrial Park was inaugurated.

With the industrialized building as the core and by integrating the policy, market, talent and capital resources, “Jianlifang” Industrial Park will gather a batch of relevant enterprises having the innovation capacity and information technology application and building enterprises having the proprietary intellectual property rights, form the platform of construction industry whole-industry chain data services and promote the development of the prefabricated construction industry. 11 Chinese and foreign enterprises including Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Corporation have been the first batch of enterprises to settle down after signing the contract.

It is learnt that the construction prefabrication is the development trend of the construction industry which is advocated and promoted vigorously by the state. In the next 3 years, the prefabricated buildings will account for more than 25% of the areas of the new buildings in our city; in the next 5 years, this proportion will reach 40%. According to the introduction made by the relevant responsible person of the Municipal Construction Committee, the prefabricated buildings had the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligence; in the next 3 years, the market scale of the prefabricated construction industry in our city would reach more than RMB 100 billion; by promoting the development of Dalian BEST City “Jianlifang” Industrial Park, our city would become the front position and important distributing center of the construction industry production, research and development in Northeast China and become the new height in the domestic and international prefabricated construction development and open cooperation.

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