2017 China Eco-Smart Building Materials Industry Cooperation Summit was held in Dalian to set up the large platform of the prefabricated building whole-industry-chain development
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From October 26 to 29, 2017, 2017 China Eco-Smart Building Materials Industry Cooperation Summit & Prefabricated Construction Product and Design Innovation Competition with the theme of “joining hands, innovation, sharing, and future” were held in Dalian International Finance Conference Center. Over 500 people, including the domestic and foreign relevant experts and scholars, government leaders, association leaders, International Alliance members, special guests and media journalists attended this summit.

This Summit aimed at carrying out and implementing a series of instruction requirements such as Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction and the Guiding Opinions on Vigorously Developing the Prefabricated Buildings and the Opinions on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Construction industry of General Office of the State Council, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry. Through a series of measures such as policy guidance, resource integration, market orientation and standardization system construction, it enables the development of all kinds of new technologies, new products, new processes and new equipment to be widely applied, enables the multiple industrial clusters formed around the prefabricated building to develop rapidly and finally would promote the supply-side structural reform, promote the enterprises' innovation and strain capacities and accelerate the transformation of the construction industry to the modern industry from the traditional industry.

At the Summit, Yu Ning, secretary general of China Optimization Society of Capital Construction, Li Dongye, deputy director of Dalian Municipal Committee of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and Yao Bing, former chief engineer of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC and doctoral supervisor made speeches successively and welcomed the guests from all circles who attended the summit; They affirmed the significance and purpose of this summit and congratulated a complete success of the summit beforehand.

Afterwards, the launching ceremonies for “Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction Industrial Park” and “Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance” were held; the plaques were issued to the president unit, vice president units, standing director units and member units of International Alliance and the plaques and consultant appointment letters were issued to the branches; the awarding ceremony for “Eco-Smart Building Industrialization R&D Center” was held.

In the sharing section of the theme forum, Jiang Huancheng, famous engineering structure expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering shared his opinion on “Sky City”; Zhu Zhongyi, former vice chairman of China Real Estate Association made a theme speech of “Real Estate Market Trend and Positive Development of Prefabricated Construction”; Zhao Ping, director of International Trade Research Department of CCPIT Academy made a theme speech of “Trades and Opportunities Brought by Belt and Road Initiative to the Technology Trade”.

The contractor's representative of this Summit - Liu Wei, president of Zhongrun Taitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. made a keynote speech of Joining Hands, Innovation, Sharing and Future.

This Summit was jointly organized by China Optimization Society of Capital Construction, China Technology Market Association, Materials Branch of China Construction Industry Association, Beijing Technology Finance Development Center, Ganjingzi District Committee, Dalian City of the CPC, People's Government of Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Dalian BEST City Management Committee and Zhongrun Taitong Technology Development Co., Ltd.; it was specifically undertaken by Shengyuan Jianlifang Technology Development (Dalian) Co., Ltd., ZhongKeYan (Beijing) Technology Development Center, China (Hong Kong) Tastod Investment Management Group and Jianlifang Occupational Skill Training School; it was co-organized by Tastod Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Lianhai Investment and Financing Service Providers Association.

This Summit was constituted by several sectors, including the Theme Summit, Young Designers Forum, “Jianlifang” Cup Prefabricated Construction Product and Design Innovation Competition, Prefabrication Architect (immediate / senior) Occupational Training and International Alliance Project Cooperation. Meanwhile, the First “Jianlifang” Cup National Prefabricated Construction Product and Design Innovation Competition Award Ceremony was also held.

It is learnt that in 2017, guided by national ministries and departments such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhongrun Taitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. allied itself with industrial associations, college and university research institutes, investment and financing institutions, planning and design institutes and well-known enterprises and sponsored “Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance (PCIA)”. The Alliance has realized the win-win cooperation of the industry chain upstream and downstream as well as the affiliated enterprises and promoted the sound development of prefabricated construction industry by integrating the resources from government, enterprises, industries, universities, research and financing. Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance under the new thinking mode is an innovation and cooperation platform integrated with the technology research and development, industry chain, finance and e-commerce of the prefabricated construction and is the most advanced cooperation mechanism and transaction mode to explore the domestic and foreign prefabricated construction industry. Meanwhile, it also provides many businesses such as the prefabricated construction technology training and the one-stop and valuable services for the members.

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