The feasibility report of the “Construction Cube” industrial park project passed the expert review
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On July 9, the “Construction Cube” industrial park project of Dalian BEST City passed the expert review. The members of the expert panel listened to the presentation made by project units on the project planning, construction and economic benefits. The leaders, experts and scholars present at the conference conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the project from the maturity, industry development, innovation, economic benefits and social effects. They also gave opinions and suggestions in terms of the project planning and constructio

Prefabricated construction is not only the development trend of the construction industry, but also the national industrial development direction which is vigorously advocated and popularized. In 2015, Dalian BEST City Management Committee grasped the opportunity that the state encourages the construction industry to realize prefabrication and supports the structural adjustment of the construction industry, tracked the development trend of the international market of the construction industry and decided to set up a “Jianlifang” industrial park in the BEST City. “Construction Cube” project refers to the foundation construction of the modern construction industry, which means guided by the demand of the construction market and relied on the progress of science and technology and modern management methods, all kinds of building components and construction accessories are produced in an industrialized way, and then they are assembled in the construction site; or the whole set of small houses or modular houses are produced in the factory, of which the full decoration and integration are carried out at the same time and production on the market is launched ultimately.

Experts from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC, Dalian University of Technology, Building Industrial Alliance, Design and Consulting Co., Ltd. of China Railway Construction Real Estate Group and other units believed that the establishment of a modern construction industry base in Dalian BEST City will promote the structural adjustment and upgrade of traditional construction industry in Dalian and northeast China, extend the industrial chain to form a large-scale, digitized and modernized industry, and drive domestic construction enterprises to the international market through the “Belt and Road “ strategy implemented by the state.

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