Eco-Smart Building Industrialization R&D Center was formally established
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In response to the call of mass entrepreneurship and innovation from the State and in order to lead the construction industry to develop in a smart, ecological and green way, Eco-Smart Building Industrialization R&D Center, authorized by the Materials Branch of China Construction Industry Association and organized by Tastod Construction Group Co., Ltd. was formally established on May 10, 2017. R&D center is settled in the core area of Dalian BEST City, China.

Eco-Smart Building Industrialization R&D Center consists of many professional and technical personnel, administrative staff, academic leaders as well as professional leaders. Commissioned and directed by the Materials Branch of China Construction Industry Association, it aims to vigorously carry out innovation and R&D activities with the purpose of promoting the application of new materials. The center adheres to the goal of “following the road of green environmental protection and healthy development, and creating an integrated intelligent construction industry”, vigorously cultivates new high-tech enterprises and incubates high-quality projects to boost traditional enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading. At present, its scope of business covers: environmental protection, low-carbon, energy-saving building; green, ecological and energy-saving residence; construction waste and sewage treatment; research on the park and residential zone greening; applied research on recycled and environmental protection materials; key technology research on intelligent ecological architecture.

Prefabricated building is a building assembled with prefabricated components in the construction site, and the traditional on-site building mode is upgraded into the new building mode where parts and components are processed in the factory but assembled on-site. The structure of the assembly has many types, such as the light steel structure, pc structure, formed steel structure. Prefabricated building is not only built faster, but also has lower production costs, and at the same time, it is of energy conservation and environmental protection due to its reusability and reduction of construction waste, which effectively promotes the restructuring and upgrading of the construction industry.

Over many years, Tastod adheres to the development strategies of “enlivening enterprises through science and technology” and “strengthening enterprises through talents”. Tastod Construction Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to talent cultivation, invests millions in talent training each year, and cooperates with Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, China Three Gorges University and many other colleges and universities to establish “industry-university-research cooperation” base. Tastod, relying on national level scientific research institutions, technology centers, university workstations and multi-level technology research and development systems, has made a number of industry-leading scientific and technological achievements.

Relying on the experience and resources of both expert teams in construction researches of environmental protections, construction environment, green building and intelligent ecology, R&D center plans to choose several representative industrial buildings, civil buildings, structures and other case projects and industry clusters of special building materials in Dalian, three provinces in the northeast of China and regions all over the country, as demonstration base of the project. The center can integrate the advanced new products, new materials, new technologies and new processes with local characteristics technologically and build system to realize intensification, standardization and industrialization of the housing industry and promote the process of building intelligence industry. It also can guide the new architectural design concept and build a modern and intelligent residential community which integrates comfort, safety and durability, and promote the development of multiple related industries and economic growth, and strongly drive related industries.

Eco-Smart Building Industrialization R&D Center will develop and apply green environmental materials and new technology. With low-carbon and intelligent construction industry as the core, the center creates the natural beauty of “a house, a community, a small town, and a city” to promote intelligent life and make people's life better. Meanwhile, it will reduce the secondary pollution of construction waste, contribute to the beautiful homeland of “green mountains and rivers” and ensure the harmony between man and nature.

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