Prefabricated construction training will be held in Dalian recently
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In recent years, the prefabricated construction and industrial modernization have developed rapidly in China. Promoting the modernization of the construction industry is the “new normal” of the construction industry to adapt to the economic development. In order to promote technology exchange and application of prefabricated construction, “Key Technology and Industry Operation Training of prefabricated construction” sponsored by Zhongcheng Keshu Smart City Planning and Design Research Center and Dalian BEST City Management Committee and undertook by Jianlifang Occupational Skill Training School will be held in Dalian on October 26-28, 2017.

This training, guided by the Occupational Qualification Certification Training Center of China Academy of Management Science, aims to promote the application of prefabricated construction technology through the exchanges between enterprises and disciplines. This training mainly interprets the policy, industrial information, new technology application and other several aspects which prefabricated construction industry focuses on. Relevant staff from competent units of all levels in industry, industrial associations and scientific research units; business leaders, chief engineers, technical directors and project managers of all enterprises in the prefabricated construction industry chains; enterprise technical leaders of architectural design, technology consulting, construction parts and components production, related solution provider, etc. will be invited.

It is known that the training involves the interpretation of policies related to prefabricated construction and the future direction of policies in China; the interpretation of prefabricated construction current technical standards and evaluation system; the main design points, key technologies, difficulties, application of prefabricated construction and case analysis; introduction to prefabricated concrete structures and production lines; and on-the-spot teaching of prefabricated construction PC factory. Government leaders, industry R&D experts, enterprise project managers and engineers who have rich experience in the prefabricated housing development, design and construction will be invited to make deep interpretation of related policies, standards, technologies, construction and management. Filed-based learning and experience will make you have a deeper understanding about the industry. The trainees who pass the examination after training will be awarded the certificate of Prefabricated Construction Engineer by the Occupational Qualification Certification Training Center of China Academy of Management Science.

Facing a new round of fierce competition, the one that occupies the new advantages of the prefabricated construction will take a lead in the market. And talents are the cornerstone for the sustainable and healthy development of the prefabricated construction. Only the joint efforts of competent departments, industrial associations and industry chain enterprises can promote the development of the national prefabricated construction. This training will play a positive role in improving the skills of prefabricated construction technical personnel and the application of prefabricated techniques.

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