Introduction to lecturer

Yin Boyue

Male, post-doctor, senior engineer

Deputy director of demonstration office of housing industrialization promotion center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Chief development consultant of China urban complex research center,

Member of building technology committee of China architectural society,

Deputy director of international ecological alliance.

Serving as deputy director of real-estate market supervision department of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and deputy chief engineer of national housing industrialization promotion center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Dr. Yin Boyue has an accurate research and judgement to relevant national policies, commits to promote the development of PC in China over the years, advocates energy saving, green, environmental protection and efficient PC buildings in China, and is one of national policy publicists and policy makers. Dr. Yin Boyue thinks that the Chinese real estate industry is moving along an development direction of new type buildings adopting green building materials and PC construction.

Hou Jianqun

Male, master graduate of Tsinghua university

Vice dean of architectural design institute of Tsinghua university

Grade 1 registered structural engineer of the People's Republic of China

Grade 1 registered consulting engineer of the People's Republic of China (investment)

Steel structure expert of construction metal structure sub-committee of Beijing construction engineering material association

For many years, devoting to the research of residential housing industrialization. As one of persons in charge, studying a new residential structure system meeting the demand of highly centralized capital and technology, mass production and socialization supply, based on steel structure residential building, in the project of sets of technology development of steel structure residential building approved by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

Wang Yaning:

Male, mechanical manufacturing expert

Technical backbone in ministry-owned large manufacturing enterprise for many years

Lead the team to develop PC production line

Chairman of Hebei Xuelong machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Depending on the special courage and insight of a research entrepreneur, he created a development model of "industrial chain + experimental factory", covering the sales of raw materials, the manufacture of mechanical equipment and the production of products. Following the professionalism of “adhereing to do something thoroughly and well”, he focuses on every process and every link to make the products and services to the best, thus establishing a brand image of “Chinese Xuelong keeps pace with the world”.

Yu Jing

Male, PHD

Deputy general manager and chief engineer of China railway real estate group design consulting Co., Ltd.

Deputy director of Beijing high-rise and long span prestressed steel structural engineering technology research center

Director of construction industrialization branch of China engineering construction standardization association

Member of housing steel structure branch of China steel structure association

Postgraduate tutor of Beijing architecture university

Expert of Beijing PC architectural expert committee and concurrent postgraduate tutor of Beijing industrial university

He commits to structural design and research and development for a long time and achieves a lot of research results on engineering design, technical integration and sets of products in terms of PC construction, having completed a large number of engineering design, including residential, office, school, hospital and command center, covering concrete structure and steel structure, involving prestressed concrete, structural steel concrete, and large-span space, etc., thus accumulating rich experience in engineering design.

Liu Minmin

Female, master of engineering and senior engineer

Structure Chief engineer of industrialization center of Beijing residential building design institute

Structure director of residential division

Engaged in structural design and research and development for many years, and participated in the projects of residential, office, teaching building, library and other building design.

Committed to PC engineering design and technology research and development for many years and being responsible for some full PC engineering design. Participated in Beijing SASAC’s research subjects such as “research and application of the complete set technology of residential industrialization system, and construction of BIM application system in residential industrialization. Took part in forming of PC concrete structure representation method and example (shear wall structure) (15G107-1), PC reinforced concrete slab stairs (15G367-1) and Beijing affordable housing PC component standardization technical requirements, as well as ", participated in Beijing landmark PC shear wall structure and design specification.

Yang Digang

Male, doctor of engineering (architecture), senior engineer

Dean of Yangdishan (Beijing) PC building design institute

Leader of Tongji university postdoctoral innovation practice base

Shanghai Pujiang talent

Own a number of pioneered patented technologies in China including the world's leading PC steel structure, double air cycle energy saving and other technologies.

Dr. Yang Digang is the first person engaged in cold bending thin-walled light steel structure PC construction in China for more than 20 years. In 1987, he was officially dispatched to Japan for study and returned to homeland to conduct research and development of PC construction 18 years later. He aims to create a truly "safe, comfortable, energy-efficient and fast and efficient" philosophy for China's PC construction and does his best to push forward the great changes in China's construction industry.

Liu Liming

Male, Doctor of Xi 'an Jiaotong University

Economics bachelor of Peking University, MBA of Political Science and Law University of Chna

He has ever worked for well-known property groups such as Sheng Chuang and Liandong Investment, and is now vice President of Beijing Jianyi investment development (group) Co., Ltd and general manager of China BIM network, member of China city scientific research association, member of China architectural society industrialized building committee, off-campus mentor of Beijing construction university, member of Shandong BIM technology alliance expert team, compiler of national BIM standard (classification coding standard), led to implement Ruban, Guanglianda 5D-BIM system, RIB iTWO system, Tianbao VICO system and Penteli PW system, which were applied in group-investing projects of grand palace gate, Zongdu science and technology mall, Baiwanzhuang, Chengshou temple B5 PC steel structure, and Fujian Zhangzhou PC. He is the manager, advocator and practitioner of organizational reform called “big backstage, small front-end”, based on data assets.

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