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To answer the national call for the development of prefabricated buildings and the prefabricated construction industry, to promote the transformation, upgrade and healthy development of Dalian construction industry, and to serve the municipal and district economy, Zhongrun Taitong Technology Development Co., Ltd. applies for establishing Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction Industrial Park in cooperation with Ganjingzi District, Dalian City.

The industrial park will explore the newest business mode of prefabricated construction industry, push forward the normative and healthy development of prefabricated construction industry, and make efforts to achieve win-win cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and related enterprises. It will also struggle to promote the sustainable development of Dalian City’s economy and enhancelocal employment. Supported by Dalian’s advantages in policy, region and talents, by means of platform construction and innovative services, it will be devoted to becoming the most influential modern eco-smart industrial park at home and abroad, which integrates design, R&D, manufacturing, exhibition, trade, strategy consulting, education & training, financial service, and leisure& tourism, etc.

The industrial park will have six functions: technical consulting, personnel training, design and R&D, manufacturing, marketing, trade, leisure& tourism, and financial service. It will be made up of three building clusters: comprehensive innovation zone of prefabricated buildings, production base of prefabricated buildings, and exhibition & trade zone. In the industrial park, there will arise a headquarter of prefabricated construction industry enterprises, a center for the exhibition of prefabricated construction products and for the trade of parts, components and building materials, an exhibition area for domestic representative public utility and civil buildings, a material exhibition building, a tooling exhibition building, and a training base, etc.

Reflecting the concept of the Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance, Jianlifang Industrial Park will become the headquarter of enterprises of the whole industry chain which deal in the production, design, R&D, training, consulting, marketing, trade and financial service of prefabricated constructions. It will also become a base for the exhibition and trade of the newest design concept, the newest technical standard, the newest management ideas, the newest financial service, the newest and most complete lineup of parts, components and building materials. Different styles of construction projects and construction technologies will be collectively exhibited in the everlasting park.

Holding the spirit “Cooperation, Innovation, Sharing, Future”, the Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance and the Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction Industrial Park are brave to be the explorer and practitioner of the newest business modes. With open arms, we welcome far-sighted partners to cooperate with us and jointly create a bright future!

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