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According to the idea of integration and coordinated growth of industry and finance, Jianlifang Industrial Park will accurately grasp the development trend of modern financial industry and take full advantage of modern financial tools to build the most advanced demonstration area for integration development of industry and finance in the whole country and even the whole world by combining the project positioning requirements. It is to:

1. Coordinate with the government to set up special fund of industrial development or to take PPP mode to support the Park construction and to give backing to all kinds of service institutions like colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, training organizations, etc. that settle down in the Park.

2. Building a multi-level capital market system to provide all-round support to enterprises that settle down in the Park; Draw up targeted investment and financing promotion programs for enterprises in different development stages. Support those excellent enterprises which are in the start-up stage, with high technical content and small scale and of great potential both at home and abroad in the form of special industrial fund and venture capital fund. Make equity investment on the enterprises with high growth potential in the form of private equity investment fund to accelerate the rapid development of the enterprises. Set up property rights (equity) transaction platform and professional enterprises reorganization service platform for those enterprises with mature operation and stable business, utilizing old industrial base promotion and free trade zone policies to accelerate enterprises’ listing.

3. Bring forth new ideas in financing mode

Through policy support and cooperation with intermediary service institutions, the Park encourages enterprises to set up consumer finance company, internet finance company or lease finance company as per their own characteristics. Drive qualified enterprises to issue bonds, to have asset securitization and to implement collective trust plan, etc. It positively promote innovative financial works like patent hypothecated load, science and technology insurance, scientific and technological loan risk compensation and comprehensive financial mode, etc. by combining the characteristics like high technical content of the settled enterprises.

4. Enhance and construct enterprises credit system to strengthen cooperativity. The Park improves enterprises’ credit consciousness and level by constructing the enterprises credit system. It also cooperates with banks, credit rating agencies, bonding companies, etc. to realize “promoting financing with credit”.

5. Investment encouragement. The Park will give corresponding awards to enterprises as per their development situation and their paid taxation. Through reducing or remitting income tax and providing awards, enterprises in the Park have their development speed accelerated.

6. Set up mutually guaranteed fund to encourage cooperation and coordinated development among settled enterprises; set up coordination and mutually assistance fund to realize mutual development.

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