Student service

1. Enrollment direction.  Some of the source of students are graduates from junior and senior high schools and senior colleges while the other part from servicing staffs, re-employment workers and laid-off workers of enterprises.

2. Faculties. Our teachers come from senior experts and professors in higher academic institutions, senior technicians and lecturers in the industry, professionals of every enterprise inside the industrial cluster and HR trainer recruited from the society, etc.

3. Education method. We adopt the education mode of double-track vocational education, namely students accept practical skill training in the enterprise and both theoretical and experiment trainings in the training center.

4. Assessment and certification. Students’ assessment, score evaluation and certificate issuing are the responsibility of the vocational skill evaluation center of the department directly under the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Jianlifang training school will apply for the authentication approval and accomplish the nationally-recognized qualification for the certificate and qualification accreditation.

5. Through joint admission of school and enterprise, prefabricated construction curriculum system, teacher training, practical training center construction, scientific research task application and appraisal certification, we provide one-stop solution.

6. School-running level. Mainly carry out “management direction” vocational education, and undergraduate and master education of adult college entrance examination and university entrance examination.

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