Profile of the training school

Enterprise profile:

1. Name of the company: Jianlifang Vocational Education Consulting (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

2. Name of school: Jianlifang Training School

3. Address of the company: C-6 Yida BEST City, Ganjingzi District

4. Scope of business: A training organization of vocational skills in prefabricated construction industrial chain

5. Registered capital: RMB 6,000,000

6. Corporate goal: Establish national demonstration base, make international education brand

7. Customer groups: Professionals from every major enterprise, every major supplier, purchaser, manufacturer inside the prefabricated construction industrial cluster, senior professors from higher academic institutions, servicing staffs, re-employment workers, laid-off workers from enterprises, graduates of junior high schools, senior high schools and senior colleges and other groups with a training demand.

Enterprise development plan:

(1) Near-term target:

By 2023, it is expected to be a leading national-level demonstration prefabricated construction vocational skill training base in the northeast, have 3 laboratories in scientific research institutions or colleges and universities and more than 3 technology-related training institutions.

(2) Mid-long-term target:

Through high-end scientific and technological research and development and integration on the overall industry of Jianlifang, the Park wishes to transform achievements in scientific research into training culture industry by concentrating preponderance, to form a national brand in the education field. The Park wishes to integrate internationally advanced prefabricated technology and achievement to have training export, achieving the aim of internationalization of the educational brand.

Chapter I. Development Plan of Jianlifang Training School

1. Central overview

The training school is one of the industrial sectors in “Jianlifang Industrial Park”. All kinds of skill trainings under the prefabricated whole industry chain that is set up through government platforms like the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development achieve the aim of talent export, playing a significant basic role for the prefabricated construction industry.

The training school plans to cover an area of 15,000 square meters and a total construction area of 10,000 square meters. It’s planned to be built into a skill training institution of prefabricated construction with independent corporate capacity designated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The school is equipped with modern facilities and sites for experiment and practice and education and living facilities such as office building, teaching building, dining room and dormitory building, etc.

2. Construction target

The training school is to cultivate skilled talents for the major suppliers and purchasersof Jianlifang, as well as social enterprises with a training demand. It will become a national demonstration base of vocational and technical skill education in the future. It aims to build itself into a science and technology center and education center integrating scientific research, education, design and technological development in the domestic prefabricated construction industry; to form a talents training base with advanced facilities, high professional technical content and of real vocational atmosphere and the function of research and development integration; to take servicing employment and economic development as the purpose; persist in the principals of employment-oriented, skill-based and lifelong training.

3. Development strategy

(1) Our teachers come from senior experts and professors in higher academic institutions, senior technicians and lecturers in the industry, professionals of every enterprise inside the industrial cluster and HR trainer recruited from the society, etc.

(2) Some students are graduates from junior and senior high schools and senior colleges while the other from servicing staffs, re-employment workers and laid-off workers of enterprises.

(3) We adopt the education mode of double-track vocational education, namely students accept practical skill training in the enterprise and both theoretical and experiment trainings in the training center.

(4) Evaluation and identification. Students’ assessment, score evaluation and certificate issuing are the responsibility of the vocational skill evaluation center of the department directly under the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Jianlifang training school will apply for the authentication approval and accomplish the nationally-recognized qualification for the certificate and qualification accreditation.

4. Source of working capital

Some comes from the national special skills training subsidies, some comes from the training cost of entrusted training enterprises and some comes from the self-paying funds of high-end professional training students.

Chapter II Operation Planning of “Jianlifang” Training School

Our Jianlifang training school is a management institution integrating senior manager training, vocational training, vocational skills appraisal, vocational qualification certificate and adult education into a whole. Through the self-management and joint management mode, the school aims to recruit students from the society and cultivate the compound innovative high-quality skilled talents. The school introduces enterprises into school, manages school in plant, adopts the mode of working and learning alternation, work-study program and long-and-short play and runs the school jointly with domestic vocational and technical education institutions and scientific academies. Take the prefabricated construction industry development and the enterprise demand as the orientation, form own distinguishing features in the major setup, curriculum design, teaching mode, teaching methods and teacher training and cultivate a large number of high-skilled talents and management personnel on the first line of production, construction, management and service.

The school plans to cooperat with famous domestic universities and colleges such as China Business Executives Academy, Dalian, School of Management of Dalian University of Technology, School of Engineering Management of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, Science and Technology Department of China Three Gorges University, Project Management Institute of China Three Gorges University, Department of science and technology, Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University and the famous enterprise such as Vanke, Wanda, Yatai and Easy PC to carry out special education training activities. Undertake the vocational assessment of government subordinate training institutions such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD), State Administration of Work Safety and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. We will run the school under the guideline of“cooperative education, compound education and cultural education”. The school will always adhere to the concept “vocational education is the employment education”, drive industry innovation with skills and promote industrial development with talents.

Cooperation plan of famous colleges and Universities

Guiding ideology of joint school running:

Run the school by taking the “integration of theory, practice and training” as the characteristics and by means of the high-quality teacher resources of professional colleges and universities, and promote the quality education and employment education; Take “serving the society and the enterprises” as the purpose, and explore new approach to the cooperation between school and enterprises under the new situation; Take the employment as the orientation, provide qualified talents for enterprises practically and realize three win-win of the colleges and universities, school running institution and employers.

Purpose of joint school running:

Promote the three win-win of colleges and universities, school running institutions and employers, and realize resource sharing; Improve the employability and comprehensive ability of students; Improve the professional practical ability of teachers; Improve the popularity and qualification level of school running institution, and achieve satisfactory effect of three parties.

Implementation method of joint school running:

Joint school running will adopt the following modes:

1. Short-term training and customized teaching mode:

Jianlifang Training School adopts the teaching mode “short-term training” at the early period of operation. The training school organizes relevant training classes periodically according to the industrial development requirement and the knowledge and skills of employers, about 3-5 days for each term. The colleges and universities and the training school recruit students and formulate the teaching plan and course planning suitable for the training objectives, organize teaching and conduct special training on students. After training, the colleges and universities will issue certificate to students.

2. Mode of “study”:

Jianlifang Training School and the colleges and universities have long-term mutual benefit relationship. As a probation and practice base, Jianlifang serves for the teaching of colleges and universities through the strong production base and equipment of the Jianlifang Industrial Park. The school can arrange the college and university students who finish the theoretical basic course for visiting, learning and short-term probation and practice in the industrial Park, enable the students to know the enterprise, the production process and working principle of equipment and facilities, learn the enterprise culture and experience the enterprise life. This is helpful for the college and university students to combine the theory and practice, increase the learning interest and cultivate the spirit of dedication. The colleges and universities can select backbone teachers to learn and manage students in the enterprise, master the current economic information, technical information and future development trend of enterprise in time, facilitate the school to actively adjust the training objectives and curriculum, reform the teaching content, methods and management system and enable the education and teaching activities of colleges and universities to be connected with the enterprise closely.

3. Win-win mode of “Training and Technological Improvement”:

Jianlifang can actively undertake the employee learning and continuous education of employers by means of the teacher resources and qualification appraisal of colleges and universities. The teachers of colleges and universities can participate in the technology research and development and technical service of Jianlifang R&D Center, establish good mutual support system and realize industrial transformation of technological achievements, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

4. Adult education mode:

Jianlifang undertakes the adult continuous education and recruitment of colleges and universities every year according to the academic education advantages. Organize continuous education based on the major of colleges and universities and the required major of Jianlifang in the industrial cluster. The colleges and universities will issue the nationally-recognized education/academic certificate after graduation.

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