I. Basic information of contracting parties

Party A: Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance

Party B:

II. Clauses

(I) All contracting parties of the Agreement are independent legal person and have the legal subject qualification of signing this agreement, and each party confirms the qualification and ability for performing the agreement.

(II) The contracting parties of the Agreement aim to establish the Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance and standardize the operation of the Alliance.

III. Name, idea, purpose and organization principle of the Alliance

Alliance name: Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “PCIA”; English name: “Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance”)

PCIA’s concept: Honestly cooperation, resource sharing, specialty coordination, mutual benefit and joint development.

Mission: Take the market as the guidance, the Jianlifang Industrial Park of Tastod Construction Group Co., Ltd as the platform and the prefabricated monolithic architecture and product development as the leading role, establish the whole-process (technology research and development, product design, material development, product manufacturing, assembly construction, equipment manufacturing, market promotion and after-sales service) and tight-type industry alliance through information integration resource, sharing information, specialty coordination and integration supporting, gradually expand and form the full industry chain manufacturing and capital aggregation effect, jointly promote the government to formulate major policies favorable for industrial development and improve the group competitiveness of the alliance members.

Organization principle of PCIA: Equity and free will: all alliance members are equal in legal status and can join in at will or drop out of the alliance freely on the premise of following the articles and agreement of the alliance. Unified planning: according to the need of the alliance and the national and local industry development requirement, the alliance plan unify the planning, share out the work and cooperate with one another so as to avoid repetitive work in the alliance. Equality of rights and duties: the alliance members shall share the benefit and undertake the obligations according to the agreement and form a long-term and stable production-study-research benefit community that invests jointly, shares benefits, undertakes risk and develops jointly. Openness: PCIA is an open organization and can attract organizations and expert consultants which have advantages in technology, capital and production to joint regularly after the foundation according to the resolutions of the board of governors.

IV. Objectives and basic function of PCIA

(I) Objectives of PCIA

Take the promotion of prefabricated construction industry development as the objective, realize information resource sharing, industry cooperation and interaction of enterprise, market and capital by establishing the production-sales-research interaction platform and e-commerce platform, improve the technological innovative ability and market competitive ability of alliance member enterprises, realize on-stop service of prefabricated construction and promote the healthy and continuous development of prefabricated construction industry in domestic and abroad.

(II) Basic functions of PCIA

1. Give play to the industrial self-discipline function, report the opinions and suggestions of the alliance members to relevant government departments, fight for the stable development space and technical innovation of members, maintain the judicial and legal benefit of the members and be the link and coordinator between the government and the industry enterprises;

2. Build the industrial culture and establish an environment of mutual respect, fair competition, complementary and mutual development for the members;

3. Carry out the operation of resource integration and complementary advantages inside and outside the alliance through the construction industry platform that takes the prefabricated construction as the leading role, and realize the multi-win situation really.

4. Timely transfer and interpret the policies, laws, regulations and standards in domestic and abroad, and provide policy consultation and forward guidance for the enterprise development.

5. Establish exchange and interaction platform for the government department, research and development organizations, production enterprises, project company and investment institutions, and promote the leaders, institutions and departments at all levels to show their grave concern over the development of construction industry.

6. Hold activities in the alliance regularly such as the information exchange, discussion and service. Become an information-sharing, training, exchanging and cooperation platform for the alliance members, promote the effective utilization of industrial and social resources and assist the alliance members to solve the problems during development.

7. Provide individualized services for the development of the enterprise. By holding the small-scale professional seminars, professional forums, technical training and expert consultation, improve the corporate quality and the corporate notability.

8. Organize the industry leaders, experts and scholars and the detection, standard and quality department organizations to conduct the evaluation and demonstration consultation of the industrialized innovation technologies and products of the enterprise buildings.

9. Through the internal and external media strengths, improve the influence of the alliance, recommend the alliance enterprises to the society and realize the prior purchase and selection within the alliance members. Create the communication and learning platform for members, improve the overall level of the alliance members in corporate operation, research and development, production and manufacturing; Promote the cooperation between the alliance member units and enterprises outside the industry in terms of product, technology, plan and service, promote the whole industrial chain and improve the development environment of the industry.

10. Through the official website of the alliance, the comprehensive service platform, integrate the core resources of the alliance, build the integrated platform of comprehensive services of the architectural industry and provide online value-added services for the member enterprises.

11. Depend on multiple channels of the existing multiple professional media and alliance proceedings to form the media linkage with the central-level media and news websites that cooperate with the alliance and effectively publicize and recommend the member enterprises.

V. Institutional Framework and Duties of the Alliance

(1) Union Assembly

1. Union Assembly is the highest decision-making organization of this league, which guides the league to carry out work and decides the major affairs of the league. The Union Assembly is held for one time per year in principal. It can only be held with the presence of more than 2/3 of the alliance members. Its resolutions can only take effect with the voting of more than half of the members

2. Functions and powers of the Union Assembly include:

(1) Approving the amendment of the constitutions of the alliance;

(2) Electing and removing council members;

(3) Reviewing and approving the annual work report of the alliance council;

(4) Reviewing and approving the financial budget report and final report of the alliance;

(5) Reviewing and approving other reports submitted by the council;

(II) Alliance Council

1. Alliance Council is the execution organization of the general meeting. It leads the alliance to carry out daily work during the adjournment and is responsible for the Union Assembly. In principle, the alliance members have the term of three years, who can be selected and reappointed successively.

2. The Alliance Council should hold one conference at least per year; Under special circumstances the conference may be held in the form of communication. The council is able to be convened only when 2/3 of the total council members attend the meeting, and its resolution is able to become effective only when more than 2/3 of council members represent vote to pass it.

3. The Alliance Council sets one president, one permanent deputy president and several permanent directors and directors. The units of the alliance president, the deputy alliance president and permanent members must play the outstanding role in terms of scientific research, capital or technology.

4. Union council implements the following functions and powers:

(1) Execute the conference resolutions of the Union Assembly;

(2) Explain the constitution of the Union Assembly;

(3) Prepare to hold the alliance conference, approve the activity plans of the Union Assembly;

(4) Report work to the Union Assembly;

(5) Decide the participation and removal of the alliance members;

(6) Listen to and review the work report of the secretariat and the working groups;

(7) Review, approve and amend the basic management systems of the alliance;

(8) Submit the resolution of changing or terminating the alliance to the Union Assembly;

(9) Determine other important matters;

5. Chairman of the alliance implements the following functions and powers:

(1) Convene and host the council;

(2) Check the implementation of the resolutions of Union Assembly and Alliance Council;

(3) To sign the related important documents on behalf of the Association;

(4) Other powers gifted by the council. The permanent deputy president helps with the work of the president and exerts related powers when the president is absent.

(III) Secretariat of the Alliance

1. Secretariat of the Alliance is responsible for the daily work of the alliance and is responsible for the Union Assembly. Secretariat sets one secretary-general and several permanent deputy secretaries-general.

2. The responsibilities of Secretariat are as follows:

(1) Execute the resolutions of the Union Assembly, be responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating various work of the alliance;

(2) Be responsible for the preparation and holding of the the Union Assembly conferences;

(3) Draft the annual work report of the alliance;

(4) Draft the annual financial budget report and final report;

(5) Be responsible for handling the application of joining the alliance, making primary censorship of the qualifications of the application units;

(6) Propose to remove the alliance members that violate the regulations and deal with the application of the alliance members of exiting the alliance according to related systems of the alliance;

(7) Other matters assigned by the Union Assembly.

3. General secretary of the alliance implements the following functions and powers:

(1) Host the agencies to carry out daily work;

(2) Propose and organize to implement various annual work plans of the alliance;

(3) Coordinate the work among the member units;

(4) Handle other daily routines;

VI. Alliance members

(1) Constituting of the Alliance Members

1. The junior colleges, scientific research institutes, design consulting, engineering management, engineering supervision, experiment detection, vocational skill education training;

2. Real estate development and property management enterprises;

3. Building construction, decoration and installation contracting enterprises;

4. Fabricated manufacturing enterprises of architectural components of concrete structure, steel structure and auxiliary materials;

5. Manufacturing enterprises of fabricated architectural processing equipment, tools and dies, apparatus and instruments;

6. Indoor decoration design and construction enterprise;

7. Component manufacturing and distribution enterprises of kitchen, furniture, utilities, lighting, windows and doors, heating and ventilation, metals;

8. Decoration material manufacturing and distribution enterprises of floor, wallpaper, ceiling, paint;

9. Supporting energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprises of renewable energy utilization, rainwater and heat storage recycling, outer sunshade, light guide, water treatment, air treatment, garbage disposal;

10. System integration and development enterprises of architectural intelligence, information, energy management and Internet of Things;

11. Modern logistics and transportation enterprises;

12. Investment and financing organizations.

(II) Conditions of Alliance Members

The members of this alliance are the unit members. Members, applying to join the Alliance, shall meet the following conditions:

1. Members must be the legal units or their internal organizations (departments) registered and approved by related departments of the governments;

2. Abide by the constitution of this alliance, fulfill the obligations of this alliance;

3. Be fond of promoting the industrialized development of domestic and foreign green buildings that focus on fabricated buildings.

(III) Basic Rights of Alliance Members

1. Attend the conference of the Union Assembly, participate in discussing and deciding major policies, resolutions and events related to the development of the alliance;

2. Propose to hold the temporary conference of the Union Assembly to the secretary-general propose suggestions and opinions to the work of the secretariat of the alliance and supervise it;

3. Participate in the formulation of the self-discipline behaviors and norms of this league;

4. Take the priority to work with other members of the alliance and gain the projects of the alliance;

5. Take the priority to gain the supports and services of technologies, capital provided by the alliance members;

6. Automatically gain the qualifications of various activities of new information communication, technical exchanges and training held by the alliance regularly or irregularly;

7. Freely gain the internal latest information of the alliance, enjoy the free issuance services of related information provided by the alliance website (for the issued contents, the sharing sections of the alliance members and the theme contents of the column shall prevail);

8. Participate in activities of training, seminar, sodality, exhibition and peak forum sponsored by the alliance; With the written approval of the secretariat of the alliance, the alliance members can hold activities in the name of the alliance;

9. Enjoy the rights of providing due services according to the alliance stipulations (see the service standards of the alliance members);

10. Have the right of voluntarily joining and exiting the alliance and the council.

(IV) Basic Obligations of the Alliance Members

1. Admit and abide by the alliance constitutions, execute the resolutions of this alliance and maintain the legal rights of this alliance;

2. Actively participate in various activities of this league;

3. Provide premium services according to the project requirements of the alliance;

4. Sign the related intellectual property statement suitable for the members. The alliance members must mark the symbol and name of the alliance in the prominent position of its publicity materials according to the unified format. Further discuss and complete the related intellectual property policies and agreements of the alliance according to the concrete projects;

5. Recognize and support the Chinese industrialized technologies and standards, be devoted to promoting the industrialized industry development of Chinese green architectures;

6. Keep the commercial secrets of the alliance;

7. Finish other work assigned by the alliance.

(V) Procedures of joining the league

1. Submit and fill in the application form. When the organization submits the application form, it should attach materials such as the unit (department) profile, main business scope, main achievements and advantages, industrial and commercial business license (copy) of the enterprises;

2. Pass after the Union Council approves through review;

3. The alliance council authorizes the secretariat to issue the member certificate.

(VI) Exit and removal

For members that deviate from the fabricated building of Jianlifang and the tenets of the international industry alliance and violate the obligation stipulations in the constitution and fail to negotiate, submit to the Union Assembly for review and decide to remove its name after being checked by the secretariat. If the alliance member is removed, the paid membership dues will not be returned, notify all the members of the alliance and stop all the internal activities of his within the alliance. After the alliance member is removed, he cannot re-join the alliance within two years.

VII. Expenditure Management of the Alliance

(I) Expenditure source of the Alliance

1. Government subsidy;

2. The activity expenditure voluntarily sponsored by the member units or other organizations;

3. The activity income of consulting service within the business scope;

4. Other legitimate income.

(II) Criterion for membership fees


(III) Expenditure membership of the alliance

The payment standard is formulated by the preparation committee when the alliance is to be built. It is determined after the discussion of the council after the league is established. The detailed standards and payment methods are formulated. The council can adjust the payment standard according to the budget of the alliance activities of the year. Payment of related expenses should be dealt with the secretariat.

1. Expense subsidy of the alliance council and the member conference;

2. Editing and issuance of professional magazines of the league and related media publicity;

3. Website construction and maintenance;

4. Activity expense subsidy of domestic and foreign technical exchange consultation and forum exploration organized by the league;

5. Office expenses of the full-time working staff of the league;

6. Other reasonable expenditure.

VIII. Dissolution and Clearing of the Alliance

The dissolution of the alliance shall take effect with the approval of more than 2/3 of the council members.

Clearing of the alliance: Allocate the alliance assets according to the alliance expenditure proportion undertaken by the member units. The alliance debts shall be jointly shared by the member units.

IX. Responsibility for breach of contract

1. If either agreement party violates the obligations stipulated by this agreement, after being decided by the alliance council, it can be removed from the alliance. Other alliance members designated by the alliance president unit or the alliance council represent the alliance to reclaim the expenses that it shall bear. For the economic losses caused to other alliance members, he shall assume the compensation liability.

2. When the alliance member is removed, he shall no longer enjoy the rights of the alliance member stipulated by this agreement, but shall still bear the obligation of keeping the commercial secrets of the alliance and the alliance members. Various capitals that it has input to the alliance will not be refunded.

X. Miscellaneous

1. Disputes resolution: Any dispute arising out of the implementation of this agreement should be friendly negotiated and solved by the related parties, or be mediated and solved through the alliance council; If negotiation or mediation fails, bring a lawsuit to the people’s court where the permanent organization of the league is located.

2. Applicable laws: This agreement and its interpretation abide by the laws of People’s Republic of China.

3. Coming into effect and changes of the agreement: This agreement is made in two copies, which take effect after the legal representatives of the parties sign and seal. Each party holds one respectively, with the equal legal effect. Any change of this agreement should gain the agreement of the parties and be made in the written form.

4. If this agreement is compelled to stop out of the force majeure, both parties do not mutually investigate the responsibilities.

5. This agreement is drafted by the alliance preparation committee. It is jointly negotiated and determined by the parties signing the agreement.

XI. Signature of the legal representatives (or authorized representatives) of the league members and member confirmation documents (attached)

Party A (signature): Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance

Legal representative:

Contact No.:

Contact person:                                                           Contact No.:

Address of the alliance secretariat:                             Email:

Party B (signature):

Legal representative:

Contact No.:

Contact person:                                                       Contact No.:

Address of the alliance secretariat:                         Email:

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