Rules of PCIA

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 The name

Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance

English name: Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance, abbreviated as PCIA.

Article 2 The construction

The alliance consists of representative domestic and overseas design & research institutes, universities, industry associations, construction enterprises, and financial organizations dealing in the design, research, development, manufacturing, and service of related products and willing to be devoted to the prefabricated construction industry. It is a market-oriented industry strategic alliance established on the principle of voluntariness and equality, and is also a multi-layer alliance integrating capital, technology, and talents.

Article 3 The tenet

With the background of China’s “Belt & Road” initiative, driven by market demand, the alliance will push industry development with innovation. With contractual relationship as the guarantee and depending on international prefabricated construction industry comprehensive service platform, it will effectively integrate strengths of the eco-smart construction industry chain, and cooperate with local governments and enterprises along the “Belt & Road” to build an interactive marketing platform and an E-commerce platform integrating production, marketing, and research, through which information sharing, professional coordination, resource integration, and the interaction between enterprises, market, and capital could be realized, thus improving the technical innovation capability and market competition capability of member units of the alliance, achieving one-stop service for prefabricated construction, building a business mode meeting the epoch development, and pushing forward the sustainable and healthy development of international and domestic prefabricated construction industry. In addition, it will rely on collaboration to reduce risks and costs, promote the joint progress of alliance members, make innovation and achieve win-win success.

Article 4 The concept

Cooperation, innovation, sharing, future

Chapter II Scope of services

Article 5 Scope of services

· Carry out the design of prefabricated buildings, R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of relevant technologies and products.

· Carry out trade and protection of intellectual properties, and promote the conversion of achievements.

· Professional consultation: provide consulting service for construction projects, and assist application for national-level industry awards.

· Training and development: organize member units to provide trainings and exhibitions on key technologies and industrial skills.

· Summit and exhibition: organize international summit and exhibition for products and projects.

· Standard formulation: coordinate with relevant departments to develop national, industry, product and technical standards.

· Handle projects entrusted by the government

· International communication and cooperation: carry out overseas investigation, training and visit, introduce overseas improved prefabricated construction projects and advanced technological     outcomes, and introduce domestic advanced products and technologies to overseas market.

    Industry investment.

Chapter III The members

Article 6 Member qualifications

Members of the alliance are units. Any unit applying for joining the alliance must meet the following conditions:

· Abide by rules of PCIA;

· Willing to join the alliance;

· With certain influence in the scope of services of the alliance, authoritative enterprises, experts or scholars with innovative technologies, cutting-edge products, famous brands and great power in the    prefabricated construction industry.

· Enthusiastic to promote the development of green building industrialization led by prefabricated buildings in domestic and overseas market.

Article 7 Basic rights of members

· The right to elect, to be elected, and to vote within the alliance.

· The priority of getting service of the alliance.

· The right of making suggestions and supervision on the work of the alliance.

· The right of participating in formulating self-discipline rulesof thealliance.

· The priority of cooperating with other alliance members and obtaining project from the alliance.

· The priority of winning technology and capital support and service provided by other alliance members.

· Automatically get the qualification of joining regular or irregular information communication, technical exchanges and trainings held by the alliance.

· Get the updated internal information for free, and enjoy the free information releaseservice provided by the alliance website (the information disclosed in the columns and themes shared by the alliance members will prevail).

· Join training, symposium, social club, exhibition, and summit organized by the alliance.

· With written approval of the secretariat of the alliance, carry out activities in the name of alliance.

· Get due service to be enjoyed by alliance members according to rules of PCIA (see the service standard for alliance members).

· The right of joining the alliance willingly and exiting the alliance freely.

Article 8 Basic duties of members

1. Recognize and abide by rules of PCIA, carry out resolutions of the alliance, and protect legal rights of the alliance.

2. Actively participate in different activities of the alliance.

3. According to requirements of projects undertaken by the alliance, provide excellent services.

4. Sign intellectual property declarations applicable to alliance members, mark the alliance logo and name on the obvious position of their publicity materials in a uniform format. The intellectual property policies and agreements of the alliance will be further discussed according to specific projects.

5. Recognize and support industry technologies and standards, be devoted to pushing thedevelopment of prefabricated construction industry, pay activity expenses as agreed.

6. Keep business secrets of the alliance.

7. Complete other work assigned by the alliance.

Article 9 Procedures of joining the alliance

 Submit and fill in application form, which must be attached with brief introduction to the unit (department), major business scope, major achievements and advantages, and the business license (copy), etc.

Article 10 Exit and removal

Written notice shall be given to the alliance before a member exits the alliance, and its alliance member certificate shall be returned.

· If a member doesn’t join activities of the alliance for two consecutive years, it will be deemed as exiting the alliance automatically.

· For any member unit with serious violation against rules of PCIA, upon approval of 2/3 members of the standing council, it will be removed from the alliance.

· For any member who violates the alliance tenet or any article about duties and with whom the negotiation fails, after verified by the secretariat, the violation will be reported to the council to decide whether it shall be removed from the alliance. If the member is removed, the activity fee paid by the member unit will not be returned, and the issue will be informed to all alliance members. The violator will be excluded from all internal activities. Within two years after the removal, such unit cannot apply for rejoining the alliance.

Chapter 4 Organizational structure

Article 11 The founders and the organizational structure

1. See “The List of Initiators of the Alliance” at the end of rules of PCIA.

2. The organizational structure of Jianlifang Prefabricated Construction International Industrial Alliance

Article 12 The alliance conference

1. The alliance conference is the supreme decision-making organization of the alliance, which instructs operation of the alliance and decides major issues. In principle, the alliance conference will be held once per year provided that over a half of alliance members attend the conference. Resolutions will not take effect unless with the approval of over a half of alliance members.

2. Rights of the alliance conference:

(1) Approve the amendment to rules of PCIA;

(2) Elect and dismiss council members;

(3) Review and approve annual work report of the alliance council;

(4) Review and approve the budget report and final financial report of the alliance;

(5) Review and approve other reports submitted by the council.

Article 13 Alliance council

1. The alliance council is the executive organ of the general conference. When the general conference is not in session, the council guides daily work of the alliance and shoulders corresponding responsibilities. In principle, the term of council members is three years, but reappointment by re-election is allowable.

2. The alliance council will hold at least one meeting every year. On special conditions, the meeting can be held via video or telephone. The meeting can only be held when over a half of council members are present. The meeting resolutions cannot come into effect unless with the approval of over a half of council members present at the meeting.

3. A standing council can be set for the alliance when the number of council members is large. Members of the standing council will be elected by the council. When the council meeting is not in session, the standing council executes the rights (1), (2), (4) (5), (6) and (7) on behalf of the council and shoulders corresponding responsibilities (the number of standing council members shall not exceed 1/3 of council members).

4. The standing council can only convene a meeting when 2/3 standing council members are present, and the meeting resolutions cannot come into effect unless with the approval of over a half of standing council members present at the meeting.

5. The standing council will hold at least one meeting half a year. On special conditions, the meeting can be held via video or telephone.

6. The alliance council has one president, a standing vicepresident, and several standing council members and council members. The number of council members shall not exceed 1/3 of the alliance members. The units which the president, the vice presidentand standing council members work for must be industry bellwethers in term of research, capital and technologies, and have made outstanding contributions to the alliance.

VII. The council has the following rights:

(1) Implement resolutions of the alliance conference

(2) Explain rules of PCIA.

(3) Prepare the convening of the alliance conference, and approve the activity plans of the alliance.

(4) Make work report to the alliance conference.

(5) Decide admission and removal of alliance members and memberships.

(6) Listen to and review the work reports of the secretariat and different work groups.

(7) Review approve, and amend basic management system of the alliance.

(8) Submit the resolution for changing or terminating the alliance to the alliance conference.

(9) Decide other important issues.

VIII. Term of service and rights of the president

(1). Term of service: the president cannot serve for more than two sessions.

(2). Rights: 1. Convene and host the council meeting; 2. Check the fulfillment of resolutions made on the alliance conference and the council meeting; 3. Sign important documents on behalf of the alliance; 4. Other rights entitled by the alliance council

(3) Standing vice president assists the president in work, and substitute for the president to exercise the rights when the president is absent.

Article 14 The secretariat

1. The secretariat is responsible for handling daily work of the alliance. It has a secretary-general, a standing vice secretary-general, and several vice secretary-generals.

The responsibilities of the secretariat include:

(1) Fulfilling resolutions of the alliance conference, and organizing, managing, and coordinating different work of the alliance.

(2) Preparing and organizing the alliance conference.

(3) Drafting the annual work report of the alliance.

(4) Drafting the annual financial budget report and final report.

(5) Handling applications for joining the alliance, and making preliminary review on the qualifications of applicants.

(6) Suggesting removal of those members violating rules of PCIA and handling applications for exiting the alliance according to relevant rules of PCIA.

(7) Handling other issues determined on the alliance conference.

3. The secretary-general of the alliance has the following rights:

(1) Guide the organization to carry out daily work.

(2) Put forward and organize implementation of annual work plan of the alliance.

(3) Coordinate the work of member units.

(4) Handle other daily issues.

Chapter V Financial management

Article 15 The fund sources of the alliance

· Governmentsubsidy;

· Activity expenses donated by member units or other organizations;

     Fees paid by member units.

Article 16 Use of the fund

Expense for the meeting of directors and the general conference

Expense for editing and publishing professional journals of the alliance and advertising on relevant media

Cost for construction and maintenance of the alliance website

Cost occurred due to domestic and overseas technical communication and consulting service, forums and investigations organized by the alliance

Office expense of full-time employees of the alliance

Otherreasonable expenses

Article 17 The alliance entrusts the president unit “Zhongrun Taitong Technology Development Co., Ltd.” to handle relevant business and establish a strict finance management system, ensuring a legal, real, accurate and complete accounting system, and accepting the supervision of the alliance conference. The president, the standing president, and vice president can make audit and supervision on the finance if such request was put forward by over a half of alliance members.

Article 18 Salaries, insurance, and benefits of personnel sent by member units to work at the alliance will be undertaken by corresponding member units. Salaries, insurance, and benefits of the personnel employed by the alliance will be undertaken by the alliance according to national regulations.

Chapter VI Supplementary provisions

Article 19 The amendment to rules of PCIA will be put forward by the council, discussed and approved on the general conference.

Article 20 All member units shall abide by duties specified in rules of PCIA, care for and support development of the alliance and the council, be honest in the fulfillment of agreements about the project cooperation, marketing, investment and financing trade organized by the alliance and the council. Members units shall also maintain the honor, interests and the brand set up by the alliance and the council. They shall actively give suggestions, supervision and instructions about the work of the alliance and the council, so as to improve the service quality and efficiency of the alliance.

Article 21 Rules of PCIA will come into effect after discussed and approved on the alliance establishment conference, and signed by the legal representatives or authorized representatives of initiators of the alliance.

Article 22 The right of final interpretation of the rules of PCIA belongs to the council of Jianlifang Prefabricated ConstructionInternational Industrial Alliance.

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